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The Tennessee Bouldering Authority is proud to have some of the most talented and knowledgeable climbers in the Chattanooga area on our staff (which makes our gym routes some of the most diverse and interesting around). Look below to find the answers to all of those juicy questions you’ve always wanted to know (but were too shy to ask).

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Luis Rodriguez (lurod)

At TBA since: From TBA’s inception!
Climbing since: 1992
Why you started: I got bored with hiking.
Climbing inspiration: I’m inspired by playing outdoors with friends.
Favorite climbing area: Red River Gorge, KY
Dream climbing trip: Mallorca, Spain
Favorite type of climbing: It’s all climbing to me, depending on the season.
Favorite climbing fuel: I feed off of the motivation of those around me.
Training regiment: Climb, campus, climb, system training, climb, yoga
Days/week you climb: 3-4
Hometown: Corona, Queens
Height: 5’8″
Ape Index: +6
Current projects: Expanding TBA, teaching sixth and ninth grade math, Golden Girl
Other interests: My wife, teaching, mtn biking, my CB450, striving.
Kasia Pietras (Kash)
Kasia Pietras

At TBA since: October 2008
Climbing since: 1998
Why you started: Karate and gymnastics got redudant.
Climbing inspiration: The mental challenge.
Favorite climbing area: For routes it’s The Red, and for bouldering is’s Bishop.
Dream climbing trip: Australia and S. Africa (not in that particular order)
Favorite type of climbing: Going up!
Favorite climbing fuel: A group of friends that are psyched!
Training regiment: Climbing at TBA
Days/week you climb: 4-5
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Height: 5′ 3.75″
Ape Index: -0.5″
Current projects: Lit’l Rocks (Riddles in the Dark, Bierstadt, Bedwetters) and Big ’ems (Cut Throat, Golden Boy, Elephant Man).
Other interests: Ferrets, traveling, snowboarding, and wake boarding.
Jimmy Webb (JWEB)
Jimmy Webb

At TBA since: August 2007
Climbing since: October 2004
Why you started: Jeremy Walton (JWAL)
Climbing inspiration: New areas, beuatiful scenery, and good friends.
Favorite climbing area: RMNP
Dream climbing trip: Rocklands of South Africa
Favorite type of climbing: Bouldering
Favorite climbing fuel: Snickers
Training regiment: Climb!
Days/week you climb: Around 4
Hometown: Maryville, TN
Height: 6’0″
Ape Index: +2
Current projects: Random Boulders at RMNP
Other interests: Skateboarding
Paul Pettit
Paul Pettit

At TBA since: September, 2010. (climbing there since 2002)
Climbing since: 2002
Why you started: Trying to be like my big brothers.
Climbing inspiration: Videos, friends, the outdoors.
Favorite climbing area: Hueco Tanks
Dream climbing trip: Magic Wood, Switzerland
Favorite type of climbing: Bouldering
Favorite climbing fuel: Monster Energy Drinks
Training regiment: Just climbing.
Days/week you climb: 2-3
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
Height: 6′ 2″
Ape Index: 6
Current projects: Anything i can get my hands on.
Other interests: Good friends, quality times
Josh Randolf
Josh Randolf

At TBA since: February 2010
(Climbing at TBA since 2007)
Climbing since: 2006
Why you started: Pretty much just for fun. I found out there was a lot of climbing in Chattanooga and tried it.
Climbing inspiration: Problems with good freatures or moves and fun problems.
Favorite climbing area: Probably the Obed because of the seclusion out there.
Dream climbing trip: An endless one.
Favorite type of climbing: Probably bouldering.
Favorite climbing fuel: Beer
Training regiment: Mainly just bouldering in the gym as much as possible with some campusing.
Days/week you climb: Around 4
Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN
Height: 5’7″
Ape Index: +2
Current projects: Too many. Maybe White Face this season.
Other interests: Finishing up school right now.

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