Crash pad rentals

TBA will be providing Organic Crash Pad rentals for anyone in need of a good landing! Please take time to fill out a gym waiver and crash pad rental waiver to save time when you pick up your pad. if weather permits your from climbing outside anytime you have pads rented you can enjoy a free day pass at the gym!

Fill out the waivers here: https://app.rockgympro.com/tablet/tennesseebouludering?ftype=live&deliverto=


Big Pads: $15/24 hours

Little Pads: $10/24 hours

*We have 2 big pads and 3 little pads total*

Crash Pad Rentals

Need some extra foam for your next trip to the southeast? Rent one of our five Organic Crash Pads.

Pads are on a first come first serve basis. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive an email from our staff. You will be charged a $50 deposit that we will refund to you upon returning the crash pads. 

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